Acheron Corp

Established in 2020, Acheron Corp started out with its sights set on the goal of providing professionals and enthusiasts with industry-leading firearm suppressors. Switzerland’s unique and renowned history of gun ownership and first-class engineering serves as a solid foundation to build our premier line of products upon. We take pride in the fact that Acheron is synonymous with «Made in Switzerland». Every stage of a product’s journey from engineering to shipping takes place in-house. Acheron will never outsource production.

Soon after the formation of Acheron, we released the MDR E4, which is the world’s only non-ITAR over-barrel suppressor specifically tailored to fit Desert Tech MDR rifles. Subsequently, our Trilug compatible SMG E1 set a new standard for lightweight, user-serviceable, high-performance submachine gun suppressors. Based on the valuable input of law enforcement and military professionals, we developed the ACS line of carbine suppressors, featuring our brand new HexaLug quick attach mounting system, raising the bar once again.

At Acheron, we strive for continuous improvement and innovation while keeping all of our products in stock. Join the world of Acheron and enjoy Swiss premium quality you can rely on.

Welcome to Acheron.

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