Acheron's revolutionary new HexaLug quick attach suppressor mounting system is the solution to all problems:
No carbon locking, no fiddly levers and no special tools to disassemble the mechanism yet dead easy to attach/detach even wearing thick gloves.

The HexaLug interface is one of the key features that make our ACS line of assault rifle suppressors what they are.
The brilliant design ensures perfect alignment and proper fixation while the intuitive nature of the locking mechanism makes it simple to use even in stressful situations.
To attach the suppressor, simply slip it over the muzzle device and turn it clockwise until it is locked tightly.
Turn it the other direction until it breaks free and it can be removed from the muzzle device.

HexaLug is one-way compatible. This means you can install a 7.62 silencer on a 5.56 muzzle device but not vice versa, making it impossible to accidentally damage your suppressor.

Acheron Hexalug