Acheron APS E2


User-serviceable shielded baffle stack, tool-free maintenance of the Nielsen device and prime sound reduction put the APS E2 at the pinnacle of pistol silencing. Based on the proven technology of our SMG E1, the APS’ baffle design isn’t just highly efficient but makes disassembly an easy task, too. Neither swapping pistons to adapt to differently threaded barrels nor maintenance of the Nielsen device (often referred to as a „booster“) require any tools.

Cycles all short recoil operated handguns like those made by Glock, HK, Walther, SIG, AREX, Beretta and many more.

Available in black (MIL-A-8625 Type III hard coat anodized) and Flat Dark Earth (Cerakote).

Sound reduction represents the difference between the logarithmic averages of two 5 round groups (unsuppressed / suppressed).
Ammo: Sellier & Bellot FMJ 150 gr
Gun: Glock 17

Designed, manufactured, finished and assembled in Switzerland.

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Facts & Figures

Additional information


9 mm


Direct Thread


242 g


196 mm


35 mm


7075-T6 / 6060-T66 / 1.7225

Surface Finish

Type III Anodized / QPQ Tenifer / Cerakote

Sound Reduction

32 dB(A)

Color options

Black, Flat Dark Earth


CHF 595*

Part Number

* Swiss VAT included, price only valid in Switzerland. Depending on local currency exchange and tax rates, prices may vary in other countries.


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