Acheron ELR E1 12.7


The new standard for large caliber suppressors: The ELR E1 is the most lightweight suppressor in its class and features the new HexaLug XL quick attach mounting system.

With its weight of only 800 grams, the ELR E1 undercuts common suppressors by more than 60 %. At roughly 200 grams, the Acheron HexaLug XL muzzle brake (necessary for installation) is a flyweight, too.

But rest assured, the enormous weight savings weren’t achieved at the expense of performance but by the use of high-strength grade 5 titanium. Its 40 % lower density compared to stainless steel combined with the high tensile strength make titanium the best choice for precision rifle suppressors. Just like our ACS E1 carbine suppressor, the ELR E1 is fully laser welded, too.

The HexaLug XL quick attach mounting system allows the installation of the suppressor without removal of the muzzle brake. The ELR E1 locks itself directly onto the muzzle brake. HexaLug XL guarantees highest precision and security against unwanted loosening of the suppressor while shooting. Direct thread mounted suppressors which can’t be thightened to a sufficient torque in the field can come loose and affect accuracy or get damaged. With HexaLug XL this is a thing of the past.

Finished in Cerakote’s C-Series high-temp coating, the ELR E1 is available in black and Flat Dark Earth.

Sound reduction represents the difference between the logarithmic averages of two 5 round groups (unsuppressed / suppressed).
Due to the risk of damaging the microphone of the sound pressure level meter, we chose to place the microphone at the shooter’s ear instead of 1 m to the left of the muzzle. Unsuppressed sound pressure levels exceed 170 dB(A) and thus the range of our meter. Therefore, sound reduction numbers are based on 170 dB(A). Actual sound reduction is going to be higher but unknown.
Ammo: saltech FMJ 660 gr
Gun: Desert Tech HTI 29″
Muzzle device: Acheron HexaLug XL Muzzle Brake

Designed, manufactured, finished and assembled in Switzerland.

Please note: Acheron HexaLug XL muzzle brake required for installation.

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Facts & Figures

Additional information


12.7 mm


Acheron HexaLug XL


800 g


361 mm


50 mm


Ti6Al4V / 1.7225

Surface Finish

Cerakote / QPQ Tenifer

Full-Auto Rated


Sound Reduction

min. 32 dB(A)

Color options

Black, Flat Dark Earth


CHF 3385*

Part Number

* Swiss VAT included, price only valid in Switzerland. Depending on local currency exchange and tax rates, prices may vary in other countries.


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