Acheron HexaLug Flash Hider 5.56


Effective flash hider with integrated HexaLug interface. Asymmetric weight reduction cuts eliminate the tuning fork effect and thus the whistling sound typical for open prong flash hiders.

Compatible with all suppressors featuring our HexaLug quick attach mounting system. Due to the one-way compatibility of HexaLug it is possible to install a suppressor of a larger caliber, too. This allows the installation of a 7.62 mm suppressor on a 5.56 mm flash hider.

The use of a flash hider is imperative on all rifles that are also going to be used unsuppressed but can’t show any muzzle flash.

On rifles that are primarily or exclusively used with a suppressor, a muzzle brake may be better suited. The ports of the muzzle brake redirect high-pressure gas towards the side and therefore prolong the life of the suppressor.

Thread Size Guide:

  • 1/2″ – 28 UNEF
    Standard thread on almost all American made rifles chambered in a 5.56 mm caliber
  • M12 x 1L (FN P90)
    Specific variant for FN P90
  • M13 x 1L (Steyr AUG)
    Specific variant for Steyr AUG
  • M14 x 1
    Fits all variants of the Czech made vz.58, occasionally found on hunting rifles. Early Haenel CR223 rifles used the M14 x 1, too.
  • M14 x 1L
    Fits some of the rarer Romanian AK variants chambered in 5.45 x 39 mm, the more common Norinco Type 84S and probably others
  • M15 x 1
    Fits Haenel CR223 and many other rifles. Not compatible with HK MR223, HK 33, etc.
  • M15 x 1 HK
    Specifically designed to cover the cylindrical section between the muzzle thread and the shoulder on an HK MR223. Do not use this with rifles made by Haenel.

Other thread sizes may be introduced later on.

If you need help chosing the right thread size, please ask your local Acheron dealer for help.

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54 mm


25.5 mm


74 g


5.56 mm



Surface Finish

QPQ Tenifer


CHF 129*

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* Swiss VAT included, price only valid in Switzerland. Depending on local currency exchange and tax rates, prices may vary in other countries.


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