Acheron is the fastest growning suppressor manufacturer in Europe and synonymous for «Made in Switzerland». Acheron is committed to the Swiss values precision, dependability and fairness. Our extensive vertical range of manufacture is unique. A team of professionals takes care of R&D, machining, assembly, finish, sales and industry leading express shipping.

Acheron’s success is the result of the persistant commitment of each an every individual in our awesome team. To convert the momentum of this success into growth, we are looking for passionate talents who live for the extraordinary. Do you have above-average skills and a positive attitude to work? Convince us that you are the missing piece in the puzzle and become part of the Acheron family.

The spoken language within every department of our organisation is German. Therefore, fluent German is required for all positions and vacancies are exclusively published in German. Click the button below to switch to German and see more.

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